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Bagaimana nak order makanan di Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul

sejak akhir-akhir ni ramai pula bertanyakan macam mana nak order King Crab kat Noryangjin Fish Market la aku duk cerita pi beli, then bawa pi kedai masak dan makannn...tapi tak pernah nya aku nak cerita cemana aku cakap masa order ngan unnie tu kan...haaaa tapi memang unnie kat kedai masak tu tak pandai cakap english pun...makanya masa kali pertama pergi dulu aku ada la usha-usha info pasal orang yang dah pernah pergi Noryangjin Fish Market jom aku share cemana nak order makanan di Noryangjin Fish Market ni...

haaa memula sekali pi Noryangjin Fish Market tu haruslah kena beli seafood dulu kan...tak kira laaa king crab ke, ikan ke, abalone ke, octopus ke...pendek kata tepuk perut tanya poket...hehehe tapi memang rambang mata kat sini...banyakkk giler seafood!tapi tujuan utama aku kalo ke sini tak lain tak bukan memang king crab sajer la...
lepas dah beli, kita bawa laaa king crab yang masih hidup tu atau mana-mana seafood ke restoran di tingkat atas...aku biasa pergi kedai seperti dalam gambar kat bawah ni, dan jumpa unnie ni...3 kali aku jumpa dia, 3 kali ubah fesyen rambut...kerlass unnie...hehehe dia ni tak pandai english langsung, bantai je dia cakap korea ngan aku...aku buat-buat paham je laaa...ok untuk order, biasanya untuk king crab, aku akan order steam sebut jer steam, dia paham...lepas dah sebut steam, biasanya aku akan tunjukkan juga food restriction in hangul aku kat unnie...lepas dia angguk-angguk tu, aku pun pi la duduk...
bila ketam dah siap masak tu, kalo nak makan ketam je boleh la...tapi aku biasanya mintak nasi putih sekali...jadi sebut je la 'unnie, bap' maksudnya nasi...kalo tetiba dia tanya balik sambil tunjuk jari tu, maknanya nak berapa la tu...ko tunjuk je laaa 1 ke, 2 ke, 3 ke kan...tapi aku terror sikit, aku sebut 'hana' untuk satu atau 'dul' untuk 2...kuikuikui...then dia ada bagi free air putih, if nak tambah lagi sebut jer 'unnie, mul'...air kosong maksudnya...haaa tapi kalo korang nak order teh o ais limau, korang carik sendiri la ye...kuikuikui...
then masa nak abes dah makan ketam tu, kalo nak nasi campur dari juice / telur ketam dalam cengkerang tu leh sebut "Bob bee byo joo seyo!"...maksudnya tolong gaulkan nasi ni...gitu la aku translate sendiri...hehehe nanti dia campurkan nasi dengan minyak bijan, bijan, seaweed...ala-ala bibimbap la jugak kan...tapi seriously memang terbaiklah nasi campur tuh...aku nengok gambar ni pun duk teringat-ingat kesedapannya....
selain dari king crab, aku pernah makan 'sannakji' ataupun octopus hidup masa 1st time aku pi korea dulu...konon bajet adventure, semua yang rare aku nak cuba kan...alih-alih seketul kecik je aku telan, pastu gelabah suh diorang steam jer octopus tuh...hehehe gila ko, melompat-lompat octopus tu dalam tekak aku...tapi sedap tau...manis jer bila dicicah ngan minyak bijan tuh...
haaa kat bawah ni aku share info yang dapat dari blog lain tapi tak ingat blog mana pasal kalo nak beli or order makanan kat Noryangjin Fish Market tu...kot la nak order selain king crab tu kannn...inilah panduan yang aku pakai sejak kali pertama menjejak Noryangjin Fish Market hingga la bila-bila pun...hehehe

Take them to Hwangje Restaurant or 황제식당 in Korean.  They will steam the crab for you. When you are nearly done with the crab, ask the server to mix the crab eggs and innards with fried rice (along with sesame oil, sesame seeds, nori, etc.) Of course, you have to save everything in the shells (including the crab juice) in order to do this! Just say, "Bob bee byo joo seyo!" That means, "Mix the rice for us, please!" 

If you order sashimi (raw fish), you can finish off by ordering the delicious spicy fish stew (from the fish bone or head) called "maeoontang" (5,000 won per person) and eat with the rice.

For abalone, you can ask them to "butta gooey" (butter grill) the abalone.

If you want to bargain with the fish dealer simply hesitate alot and then say gga gga ju se yo , which means discount. The "gga gga" is pretty much pronounced "ka ka" like poop, with a strong emphasize on the first "ka." The fish dealer will be very impressed that you said this, and will most likely drop their price immediately

OK selain tu aku share juga info dari Tripadvisor mengenai Noryangjin Fish Market ini...lebih kurang info nya seperti di atas cuma lebih details...ok good luck!

The Noryangjin Fish Market is a great "real Seoul" experience. This 24-hour, 7 days a week wholesale fish market is not just a cultural attraction, but both a sight for the eyes and a sensation for the taste-buds. If you can get up VERY early, you can see the fish auctions in the morning. But throughout the day, there is on display just about everything that swims, slithers, or sits about under water and is edible - plus a few things that don't exactly look too taste-tempting. Most people go in the evening between 7pm and 9pm to eat and drink. So if you are travelling with kids, it is best to arrive early like at 6pm to avoid the red-faced, soju-swilling crowd later in the evening.  
Take a taxi there or get to the Noryangjin subway station and follow directions to the seafood market (only five minutes walk across the land bridge). Be sure to wear shoes that you don't mind getting wet or dirty. The floor of the market often has puddles of fish-smelling water.
Be warned, just about every hawker there will try to coax you into buying something. The best thing to do is pick a stall with a good selection and just bargain there. You can usually get about 10% off what they first suggest. But it's best to check out the prices of at least two to three places before deciding on where to buy.
After wandering the alleyways between the various displays you can select a fish, have it swiftly turned into a plate of sashimi (or "hwe" in Korean) and then be escorted to a nearby restaurant where all the ancilliaries such as drinks, cutlery, and so on are provided. Plus, they'll take the bones and head and other left-overs and turn it into a steaming, spicy soup called "maeoontang". If you love fish, you simply MUST visit Noryangjin!
Some common (and delicious) fish caught in Korea (that is good for sashimi):
- Flounder or "gwang uh" ("hirame" in Japanese)
- Sea bass or "nong uh" ("suzuki" in Japanese)
- Rockfish or "woo ruck" ("kurosoi" in Japanese)
"Uh" means fish, by the way.
Just so you know, Koreans rarely grill fish at this market. The restaurant may not even do it for you. Koreans just eat it as sashimi. A whole fish will cost anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 won, on average. Bigger fish command higher prices.
A suggested menu (all prices fluctuate- a lot):
- King crab (Sakhalin, Russia): 80,000 won and up for a 1.5 kg crab which can be shared by 2-4 persons
- Or when in season (spring and fall), flower crab or "kkotge" (local): 10,000 to 15,000 won per crab, get one for each person (two if you are very hungry)
- Abalone or "jeonbok" (local): 3-4 for 10,000 won
- Oysters or "gool" (local): A dozen for 5,000 won - oysters are very cheap in Korea (if you buy several stuff, ask them to throw in a plate of oysters for free)
Or for the more adventurous, try sannakji (live baby octopus chopped up and still squirming - to be eaten dipped in hot sauce or sesame oil - careful to chew plenty before swallowing as it can get stuck in your throat and you can suffocate to death), monggae (ascidian for sashimi) or gebul(urechis unicinctus for sashimi). 
Go to a stall of your choice and pick out these items and take them to Hwangje Restaurant (pronounced "Hwang-Jay Shik-Dang") or 황제식당 in Korean (usually the restaurants recommended by the hawkers are not the best) on the second floor of the market building. Tell the owner lady at the counter that "Boondang Samchoon" sent you and they will treat you a little better than the usual customer. Give your loot to the lady near the kitchen so they can prepare the food for you. The restaurant will steam the crab for you, but you need to tell them to "butta gooey" (butter grill) the abalone. You can also eat the abalone as sashimi (just say "sashimi"), but the butter grill is recommended. The sannakji, monggae, and gebul are all eaten raw as sashimi. The raw oysters can be dipped in soy sauce with wasabi or the hot pepper sauce ("chogochujang") at your table.
When you are nearly done with the crab, ask the server to mix the crab eggs and innards with fried rice (along with sesame oil, sesame seeds, nori, etc.) Of course, you have to save everything in the shells (including the crab juice) in order to do this! Just say, "Bob bee byo joo seyo!" That means, "Mix the rice for us, please!"
Finish off by ordering the delicious spicy fish stew called "maeoontang" (5,000 won per person) and eat with the rice. You do not need to purchase the fish for this dish. They will make it for you. If you buy a fish for sashimi, they will use the leftovers of the fish you brought.


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